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The Studio

Midnight Mastering is located in the heart of South Florida and was founded in 2017. The stimulating atmosphere combined with our top-of-the-line equipment has led to the mastering of many great audio recordings. If you are looking to work with the very best in the industry, there is no better place than Midnight Mastering. Contact us to learn about our special offers and rates. Midnight Mastering offers all the Mastering services needed to launch your project. Whether that means getting your tune ready for Spotify, Itunes, or any number of music distribution sites, let us make sure your project is ready!

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Chief Mastering Engineer

Luis Otero has been working in music professionally since 1997. He studied audio engineering at SAE Institute in Miami, and worked as a technician in the last working Vinyl Pressing Plant in Florida before it closed its doors. Luis has worked with numerous A list Hip Hop, Reggae, Pop, Techno, House, and Rock Artists. He has worked independently in studios such as Studio Center Miami, Circle House Studios, Mad Dog Studios, Markee Studios, and Vanquish Studios. Luis opened up Midnight Mastering Studios in 2017 and continues to forge collaborative relationships with artists, producers, record labels, and engineers to help them achieve their creative goals across a changing media landscape.

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Assistant Engineer

Danny Chavis was born into the music world. His dad was in a metal band called Pierce during the '80s and early '90s. Taking a cue from his family's love of music, Danny decided to head into the music production industry. He interned at Markee Music and has been mentored by Marko Ruffalo. He now works alongside Luis Otero at Midnight Mastering Studios. Danny has worked with many notable artists and has a passion for excellence in music mastering. He strives every day to honor the memory of his father and carry his father's passion for music into everything he does.


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