4 FAQ About Music Mastering

At Midnight Mastering, the premier South Florida music mastering studio, we create musical experiences for our clients to ensure perfect mixes and audio excellence. We serve artists through music mastering, perfecting their work to be distributed by any media they prefer. We are on the forefront of music technology and have been refining albums, EPs, and singles for over five years in addition to having 20+ years of experience in the music industry. If you are unsure if your work needs to be mastered, let us explain what we do and why you may want it done. Reach out to us today for more information.


What is Music Mastering

Music mastering is the process of putting the final touches on a song to ensure its consistency and quality over a number of different platforms. We specialize in perfectly balancing your music, making sure that each instrument, the tone, and the feel of your song are all cohesive and agreeable. Many consider mastering to be a simple sound mix, but our work is much more detailed and incomparable to the initial mix. If you want your work to be top-notch and the highest quality possible, you need music mastering services.


Is it Really Necessary?

Music mastering is absolutely necessary in today’s world. There are so many platforms on which music is distributed. From streaming services to vinyl, music mastering allows for your music to sound the same across all platforms. If you are desiring more from your music, our music mastering studio can help you achieve more than you thought possible.


How Important is the Equipment?

Equipment is very important. From the quality of the materials used in sound equipment, all the way up to the acoustics of the room you are in, technology matters. Your technology will determine how detailed you can be when listening to a song – how nuanced you can be in making changes. At Midnight Mastering, we utilize top of the line analog craftsmanship and digital technology. Our chief mastering engineer, Luis Otero, even brought in Jeff Hedback to design the acoustics of the studio. We pay attention to the details so you can be sure your music is being treated right.


Online Mastering vs Mastering Studio

There’s a reason the biggest names in music hire mastering studios, and don’t utilize online mastering, to work on their music. Online mastering utilizes a program to master your music. While this is convenient and more affordable, you do not get the same results as if you hire a mastering engineer. An in-person mastering engineer can pick up nuances in your music that a robot just won’t be able to. If people are going to listen to your music, why would you hire a robot to work on it? Music mastering studios are the way to go for audio excellence.

If you are considering hiring someone to master your work, schedule your free consultation today!