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The Art of Music Mastering

Mastering music is an art form that blends the latest technology with an ageless desire for music that moves the soul. Whether that music is heard on streaming devices, the radio, club sound systems, or on a vinyl record in a living room - quality mastering ensures that everything is perfectly balanced and delivers the most optimized experience.

Flowing between the science of sound and the art of music, Midnight Mastering is a studio with years of experience in the true craftsmanship of Music Mastering. You can trust our Studio to turn your EP or Album into a seamless journey, ready to be a captivating experience for your fans.

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The Studio

Midnight Mastering is at the forefront of technology, offering clients the very best in digital and analog. Blending the classic craftsmanship of analog with the brilliant modern digital processing was our Chief Engineer's dream from the beginning. Luis sought out renowned Acoustician Jeff Hedback to design the room acoustics for perfect sound. The result is an immersion in rich, vibrant, and clear sound for your Album.

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Our Services

At Midnight Mastering we offer an array of services to meet the varied needs of our clientele. Along with a multitude of Digital Mastering services, our Analog Services range from vinyl to CD to cassette options. Every service we offer comes with years of industry experience. Midnight Mastering has worked with musicians and labels from every genre. We can put together custom packages for clients that will allow them to compete with major record labels while staying within their budget.

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