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Of the Highest Standard

The Gear We Provide

Our equipment is some of the finest available and dedicated for the mastering process. We’ve built up quite the collection of analog gear specifically designed to deliver the best possible masters.


Analog Outboard Gear

Our outboard gear includes the following:  


Drawmer 1973 Multiband Compressor 

Empirical Labs Fatso EL7X 

Manley Vari Mu Tube Compressor

Stam Audio SSL Cone Compressor

x2 NPT 179-400 analog limiters (Modded)


Avalon AD 2055 Solid State EQ 

Manley Passive Mastering Edition

x2 Warm Audio EQP - WA (Modded)

Console and Monitoring:

Manley Backbone Mastering Console

Coleman Audio M3PH MKII B&B Systems VU and Phase Metering 

Conversion and Clocking:

Apogee Big Ben 

8x192 Mytek Digital ADDA (Modded)

Monitoring System

Our Monitoring system was selected to allow for quick referencing and to deliver an accurate product across as many different platforms as possible. Our Monitoring System includes the following systems:

B&W 802N for Full Range Monitoring

Yamaha NS10M Nearfield Speakers

Rotel RB 1080

Halfler P3000

Ultrasone Pro 800 Headphones

Studio Acoustics

Our room was designed by renown Acoustician Jeff Hedback of HD Acoustics Our room was designed to be acoustically flat as possible to deliver the best possible results for our clients.