Client LIst

Production Companies/Labels

Black Skarf Productions

Lady Phoenix Records

Back2Life Productions

Culture Clash Records

I Fratelli  Bassi

Strategix Productions

Roundabout Recordings

N-Duced Recordings


Indie/Rock/Punk Bands

Track Nine

A Good Rosé

The Flesh Rockers

The Pirate Diaries

Shane Duncan

Contemporary Christian:

Cross Culture- Pompano

Cross Culture- Ascension

David Michael Bernstein

Rap/Hip Hop/Urban:



The Poetress


Joshua Reyes

Coco Tea

Michael Rose

King Trendsetta


Joshua Reyes

Mad Cobra

Xean Caxtle


AndrewMorris Band

Steel Brothers


Markee Studios

Pauly Road Studios

Broken Sound Studios

Sky Rock Studios

Italian Sound Kitchen

Roundabout Studios

Mad Cobra Studios


Producers/Mix Engineers:

Marko Ruffolo

Paulie Sennello

Edward Thomas

Rob Roa

Greg "Stryke" Chin

Ralph Falcon

Charlie Solana

Vishnu Bhimsam

David "LSD" Ellis

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